(7 Colours)Roller Blind-Blackout HN

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Roller Blind

Product Code:Blackout HN

Colours:Sky Blue,Royal Blue,Snow,Custard,Cool Grey,Sunflower,Mulberry

Size:Customised (please write your size at the message box below)

System: pully chain system (Size suggestion : 1 set of roller blind, height < 8 feet and width < 8 feet)

For 1 set of roller blind which Height or Width > 8 feet , please contact us for consulation(eg:may need to seperate to few sets or change system to heavy duty system.)

Control Side: Left or Right


Fitting Option : Recess / Face

Choose this "Recess" option when fitting your blind inside the window frame.

-There's no need for you to make any deductions when measuring your blind's width. We will make a small deduction from the width that you have entered,to ensure your blind fits perfectly.

Choose this "Face" option when fitting your blind outside the window frame.

-When measuring for your new blind, decide how much you want it to overlap the window frame on all 4 sides(top,bottom,left,rght sides).


A)Top,bottom :overlap about 4 inch from the top & bottom of window frame

B)Left , Right sides: overlap about 2-3 inch from the window frame

C)Bottom(for a blind that will come down to the floor): allow 10-20mm of clearance(minus 1-2cm from the floor).


 Roll Direction

Back Roll (Standard)

-Because the fabric sits closer to the window, back rolling is best for light (small gap)and heat control.

Front Roll (Reverse)

-First, front rolling will hide the tube at the top of your window.

- If your window has a "recess", and you plan on inside mounting your blind, front rolling will assist in clearing any obstructions such as handles, keys and locks

-For L-Shape window,it will reduce a gap at L-shape corner between 2 set of blinds.

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