About Us

About us

We are:

Bosita Decor is a business incorporated in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) since 2014.

Services We Offer:

(Semenanjung Malaysia) -online home decoration products selling service

 We sell home/office decoration products online,such as window blind,curtain,vinyl flooring,wallpaper and will deliver to whole malaysia (Semananjung Malaysia,Sabah,Sarawak).


(KL/SELANGOR) -Offline home decoration products selling & installation service

 We offer supply and also installation service (if customers required which additional charge will be applied) for Customers located at "KL/SELANGOR area" For other states in Malaysia,we temporary don't have installation service.

(KL/SELANGOR) - Free onsite measurement and sample viewing service

We offer free onsite measurement and sample viewing service for Kl/Selangor customer.For other states,customer may contact us to get the video or picture of the products.

Totally secure shopping

Rest assured our websites are completely safe and secure. We also guarantee never to give any of your personal information to a third party except for the installer and courier company,but only will give them the name,phone,address for helping them to delliver your goods or give you the installation service.